Sunday, April 27, 2014

Nudie Nails

I have always loved to peruse the Essie nail polishes when I can, just for the pure joy of giggling at their names. Although I love the names and colors I had yet to purchase any Essie products, simply for the price tag. Somehow I feel that nine dollars for a nail polish is a bit unreasonable. However, I made my first venture into Essie with the polish color Sand Tropez. 

Sand Tropez is a lovely tan color that I think will look really awesome when I start tanning and wearing all of my bright colors for spring and summer. After wearing it for this whole week I've been really impressed! Even without a top coat (I know naughty me!) It lasted with minimal chips for a few days. I think that's very impressive seeing as my nails tend to last about 20 minutes without a chip (topcoat included!). It has a really nice shine and I'm very impressed with the consistency and application. It does require a few coats as it is a pretty sheer, light color. 

All in all, I'm very impressed with my first Essie purchase and hope to be expanding my collection. I think my next purchase will definitely be Mint Candy Apple!

Let me know what your favorite nail polish color is, I'm always looking to grow my collection!

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