Sunday, January 19, 2014

Skin Care Mistakes

Do you ever go out shopping and come home full of excitement for all of the new things you've bought? That was me last weekend, I picked up four new things from target all face/makeup related items and I made a huge mistake. So I'm here to tell you about it so maybe you can learn from my mistakes.

The four items I picked up were a new cleanser, moisturizer, mascara, and concealer. I of course immediately started them all into my daily skin care and makeup routine. That is where I went wrong. 

I know it's hard to put your new products away right after you've purchased them. Heck the second I stepped in the door I tried out my concealer and mascara. The first day it wasn't too bad but it was later that I really hit some trouble, dry skin. 

I usually have slightly drier skin as it's the winter for me and my skin is dry to begin with. But this is crazy. My the skin around my eyes got so dry that it stung putting makeup on and it only got worse. 

I am nearly 100% sure now that it was the moisturizer that caused all the chaos but, for the first few days I honestly had no idea. 
The lesson here is to slowly add your new products into your makeup and skin care regime one by one so that if something goes wrong you can pin point exactly what it is. 

Hope you're having a great day and comment down below if you've made the same mistake I had!

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